Friday, November 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday - The Right Place At The Right Time

I don't know about you guys but I'm a voracious reader. Magazines, books, articles, and especially news items consume a significant part of my life. I own a television but don't have satellite or cable and apart from watching a movie with my boys, rarely turn it on. I get fed up with the endless stories of tragedy, heartache, betrayal and "blood & guts" as I refer to it.

I have found that I am infinitely happier in my life when I don't listen to it. I stay very informed about the news of the day especially as it can affect my little corner of the world but apart from that I could care less.

I do however, love to hear real-life stories of triumph, perserverance and personal sacrifice for the greater good. Those stories that lift you up and make you proud to be in my case an American but in yours wherever you call home. The stories that renew your faith in your god, country and fellow man. The ones that bring a smile to your face later that day, week or month. Those are the ones that we don't hear enough about and this is my small effort to change that.......

Read this story from Bossip......
SMH: Another Day, Another Baby Falls Seven Stories?

A 18-month-old baby boy fell seven stories in Paris before bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a quick-thinking passerby, police said.

The Parisian toddler was playing with his 4-year-old sister while their parents went for a stroll Monday, a French holiday, when he somehow he fell out of the seventh-floor apartment window.

A young man saw the baby tumble out the window and alerted his father, who ran, with arms outstretched, to catch the boy after he bounced off the awning of Le Vincennes.

“My son saw a little boy on a balcony. He had gone right outside the railing … I said to myself I mustn’t miss him,” local doctor Philippe Bensignor, told reporters.

The boy appeared to have no injuries and was brought to a nearby hospital Monday for further observation.

“The little boy was fine. He cried a little bit but calmed down straightaway,” Bensignor added.

The owner of the cafe said that he left the awning open that afternoon by chance, and that he usually rolled it up.

Lucky or not, there will be consequences to these kids’ parents’ recklessness.

French police detained the parents of the boy for questioning.

“The parents were absent, and it’s a bit difficult questioning (the children) given their age,” a police spokesman said.

Jesus, love the little children!
The issue of the parent's supervision of their children aside....This story gave me chills when I read it!!


girlichef said...

OH! MY! GOSH! I'm so relieved for this happy ending...but yes, those parents!?!? Fate was at work that day.

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Once in a while you read a story that you get chills from your head to your toes...This is definately one of them.