Monday, November 22, 2010

Down Memory Lane

We had a great relaxing weekend just enjoying the weather and not doing much of anything except spending time together.  The boys and I took a long walk to a small nearby park that has one of those large pieces of equipment with slides, poles, ladders and everything in between. 

They are getting pretty big to be playing on that kind of stuff but I guess you're never too old to have fun.  They wore me out with all that running around and I was just watching them!!  When they were all played out we walked back and later went to my mom's for a visit as she loves any opportunity to spoil the kids.

I think all kids love going to grandma's house, playing outside, building forts, and in my boys case, swimming in granny's pool...

Several years ago when my mom bought her house, she and my stepdad made the outdoor pool, an indoor pool outfitted with solar heat and surrounded by a sort of tropical oasis.  Obviously the kids love to swim every second they get and swim they did.

They jumped in the water with great joy and immediately jumped out with chattering teeth!!  Because they soon found out that through a glitch in the solar panels, the water was a refreshing 65 - 70 degrees instead of the usual 85 plus.

They were nothing if not determined and swam until they could stand it no more and got into the hot tub to warm up.

When I was their age, my sister and I lived near the Illinois River and another little tributary called Spring Creek.  The river was a great place to float, swim and fish the days away and so many times we did just that.

The river was always warm in the summer months but Spring Creek was frigid no matter the season.  They say that the tempurature varies from 45 - 75 degrees throughout the year and I've never had a thermometer with me but I can tell you this...  In the summer it will absolutely take your breath away and in the winter....well I don't know anybody that has tried it..:-)

My sister and I used to take regular trips to the creek with our dad and splash around every chance we could.  Sometimes we were escaping the the OK temperatures but most of the time we were helping our dad catch bait.

You see Spring Creek was the go-to place for bait fishing....You could spend an hour at the creek with a cast net and have the most beautiful assortment of minnows, large and small, for fishing in the Illinois River.

Catching bait in river was usually not a problem but in Spring Creek, it was a certainty.  The minnows lived 3 times as long and the fish just couldn't resist them.  Along with the ice cold water and endless good times, it was a popular spot for kids of all ages....

What are some of your memories as a kid??  Did you have a lake or river that was your second home?

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Butterpoweredbike said...

Brrrr, determined boys! Makes me cold just thinking about it.

When I was a kid, we would play all day in "the diches," which included a tiny creek (that's pronounced crick, y'all). I used to love to play in the creek, and especially to catch crawdaddies and snakes.

Thanks for taking me down memory lane :)