Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tasty Tuesdays! GF Dutch Oven Brownies

It seems like we are flying through summer and I sure am glad.  We've had plenty of 100+ degree days in OK this past week.  I remember not too long ago, many people were complaining about the rough winter we had.......I'll bet they'd like to make a snowman now!!

This week's Tasty Tuesdays! post is, as the title implies, a Dutch Oven creation.  This recipe, courtesy of Butterpoweredbike,the host and star of Rendering Lard, is a chocolate lovers dream and will no doubt be delicious.

I'm not quite sure how this will turn out because I made a substitution in one of the key ingredients.  When I went to the store I couldn't for the life of me find almond meal.  I looked along with store employees high and low with no success.  just as I was about to change recipes I found some almond slivers.  I thought to myself...."Jason, you can make this work!  Just break out the blender / food processor when you get home and make your own almond meal....."  We'll see how it turns out as I am writing this at the time of baking.  Whatever it turns out to be....it will have a lot of chocolate, butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs.  Those right there guarantee deliciousness.  Lets get to the recipe.  It is as follows:

8 oz. semisweet chocolate

1 c. butter (2 sticks)

1 c. sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

3 eggs, beaten

1 1/2 c. almond meal  (I used ground / chopped almond slivers....Cross your fingers)

2 generous pinches salt

6 oz. cream cheese

1 egg

1 Tbsp. sugar
Custom made equipment in this kitchen...Bwahahaha!

Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler.  Remove from heat, and stir in sugar and vanilla.

Beat the eggs into the mixture, then add almond meal and salt. In a separate bowl, beat together softened cream cheese, egg, and sugar.

My batter was very liquid...I suspect since I didn't have true almond meal, it didn't absorb any moisture.

Pour brownie batter into 10" Dutch oven, dollop spoonfuls of cream cheese mixture on top, then swirl with a knife. Bake at 325 degrees (F) for 30 minutes, (I did 45+ minutes because my batter was thinner than expected.  Also Dutch ovens are a bit of an experiment with a new recipe.) or until set halfway to center of pan.

Took the coals off the top and put them all on the bottom to finish cooking.

I have to say that the blended / chopped almonds didn't hurt this recipe one bit!  The batter was thinner than normal but after a little extra oven time they have a great nutty taste that is fantastic.  I will definately be making these again.  I will have to stay away from these or there won't be any left for the kids!  They are chocolately, delicious and Gluten Free!  Enjoy!!

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Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist said...

Oh, those look fabulous. I just love chocolate but try to keep it for special dishes - like this one!! Thanks for sharing at Monday Mania!

girlichef said...

Oh man, looks like we were on the same mission this week...a mission to eat some delicious, fudgey brownies! Wowza, they sound great...I love the almond chunks...I think that'd probably be my favorite part!! Delish...thanks for sharing w/ Two for Tuesdays this week =)

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

It was my pleasure Sarah! I'm the same way, If I have something like that it front of me it doesn't last...

Heather I was kind of skeptical but they turned out great...Really nutty and delicious. When I saw your post I had to laugh! Great minds....

Liz said...

Yay for brownies! The dutch oven and chocolate combo produced a divine-looking brownie. Looks moist and wonderful, and I love that they are gluten-free. Awesome recipe. Thanks for sharing--so glad to have found this site via Two for Tuesdays!

Butterpoweredbike said...

Jason- Hooray! I'm so glad these turned out well in the dutch oven. Now I want to try them that way. Gotta say, your ground almond slivers look just like almond meal. I end up using almond meal a lot of the time in recipe that call for almond flour. But almond flour is darned expensive, so I just get the meal and sift. Mmm, now I'm ready for a brownie. Any leftovers? Thank you for hooking up with Two for Tuesday. I love the dutch oven cooking!

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Liz, we ate them last night for dessert and they were so rich it was incredible. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you're here!

Butter, yes there are leftovers and you are welcome to one. Thanks much for sharing the recipe. You're awesome!

Wendy said...

Yum! Those look wonderful! I recently just started using a dutch oven (mostly for camping). Thanks for the great recipe (found you from Real Food Wed)

I would love to have you join my carnival Tip Day Thursday!


Christy said...

What a great substitution - slivered almonds -who would have thought??! Your dutch oven brownies look out of this world! Thanks for sharing with Two for Tuesdays!

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Wendy, I love my Dutch ovens! I'm glad you found me and I'll check out your carnival....Thanks!

Thanks Christy for the kind words and for stopping by!

Linda said...

Good for you making do with what you had. The ground up almond slivers look like almond meal to me! I enjoy the flourless brownie at Outback which contains nuts so I'm sure I would like this recipe. Thanks for linking up.

the clark clan said...

Jay-man, dont you love it when someone elses recipe calls to you? By the way, it is ALWAYS best to make your own almond meal, in fact, if you have gluten issues, it is best to soak the almonds in water over night and then toast them slowly in the oven or in a dehydrator and then grind them. This removes the antinutrients from the almonds and increases the nutrients available for assimilation. That said, these look WICKED awesome...and guess what? I got me a dutch oven! Thanks as always for posting on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! :) Alex@amoderatelife

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Linda these were very nutty and delicious! Thanks for the comment.

Alex that's good to know about the almonds. You're gonna have a great time with your dutch oven. I love mine as you can see. Thanks!

Charenn29 said...

already bookmarked!