Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tasty Tuesday! GF Dutch Oven Pineapple U/D Cake

I woke up to an unfamiliar sound this morning.  It woke me from a deep sleep and I sat up, confused and not sure of where I was.  This strange sound was coming from outside.  I jumped out of bed and ran to the window, unable to see because it was not quite light outside.  I went to the back door and stepped out on the patio and all of the sudden my feet were wet!  It was RAINING!!  I had planned some outside work today and now had to reschedule but was glad to do it.  We have had soooo many days of 100+ degree weather and I couldn't remember the last time it had rained.  As far as I am concerned this is a great day, no matter what else happens.

My boys are going to start school at the end of this week and are really excited.  We got their new shoes last night and I had to make them put them back in the box so they wouldn't get messed up before school starts.  They also helped in the making and mixing of the Pineapple U/D Cake this morning so if it doesn't turn out I'll blame it on them.....:) 

I found this recipe on a great site, Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking by the way.  There are a lot of great recipes and many of them can  be modified to be Gluten Free.  Lets get to the recipe!   The ingredients are as follows:

This 12" holds 2X the volume of my 10"

Dutch Oven 12"

4 Tbsp butter

1 cup brown sugar

8 pinapple rings

8 maraschino cherries

1 GF cake mix

1 cup pineapple juice

1/3 cup water

3 eggs

1/3 cup oil

Prepare Cake Topping: Melt butter in bottom of a 12" Dutch oven. Sprinkle brown sugar evenly over butter being careful not to touch the sugar once it has begun to dissolve into the butter. Carefully place pineapple rings on top of the brown sugar, 7 around the outside and 1 in the center. Place a maraschino cherry in the center of each pineapple ring.

My pic didn't turn out so bueno here.....Grrrrrr

Prepare Cake Batter: In a mixing bowl combine cake mix, pineapple juice, water, eggs and oil; mix well. Spoon cake batter carefully over the top of pineapple rings. Spread batter evenly to edges.

Bake: Cover Dutch oven and bake usinge 10-12 briquettes bottom and 14-16 briquettes top for 45 minutes or until top of cake springs back when touched.

Let the cake cool for 10 minutes or so in the oven with the lid cracked. Next run a rubber spatula around the inside edge of the oven to loosen the cake. To turn the cake out, first lay a piece of parchment paper across the top of the oven so it lays flat and replace the lid so that it holds the paper in place. Make sure you have an available lid stand resting on your table for the next step. Using gloved hands place one hand on the lid and the other hand under the oven and carefully lift and flip the oven over so the cake falls onto the lid. Rest the oven upside down on the lid stand and tap the bottom and sides of the oven lightly with your hand to make sure the cake didn't stick. Then lift the oven off the lid. The cake will be resting on the parchment lined lid and can be cooled this way or slid off the lid using the parchment paper. Allow cake to cool slightly before service.

Two of the pineapples stuck to the bottom of the oven but I put them back in place.

There is the finished product!  I can't remember the last time I made a Pineapple U/D Cake and this is the first time ever in my Dutch Ovens but it turned out really good.  I would like to hear some more Dutch Oven recipes if anybody has some good ones. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a post on "Beginners Guide to Living Gluten Free".  I have teamed up with Alex from A Moderate Life this week to inform, educate and hopefully entertain many of you on the first steps of living a gluten free lifestyle.   Enjoy!!

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Easy To Be Gluten Free said...

This looks awesome! I was just thinking about Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I haven't had one in 9 years of being GF. This might be the motivation I need to make one. My mouth is watering just looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Carol

girlichef said...

I love this in the dutch oven...how incredibly cool! Plus, I'm waaaay jealous of your rain... thanks for sharing w/ Two for Tuesdays this week =)

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Carol, I haven't made one in waaay too long and this one was delicious! Thanks for stopping by!!

Heather, don't worry the rain didn't last long but I'll take what I can get. Thanks!

Christy said...

I haven't had pineapple U/D cake in years - this looks heavenly!!! thanks for linking this to Two for Tuesdays!

the clark clan said...

Jay-man! Oh this looks so good! My auntie used to make this and tell us there was a surprise at the bottom of the cake pan! I am gonna have to finish seasoning my dutch oven and give this a try! Thanks for posting on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop and Yah for the rain! We need some too! Alex@amoderatelife

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Christy this was the first one I have made it years and it was sooo good. Thank you!

Alex the bottom of the cake pan shows up pretty darn quick at my house! Thanks!!

Lisa said...

This cake looks gorgeous. Turned out so picture worthy. I have been wanting to post my recipe for some time but it never looks quite as good as yours. Great job!

Lisa said...

Today is my first time on your blog. I wanted to comment, but do not know where my comment went. Your cake looks gorgeous. Bet as good in taste as any other. I have been wanting to share my own upside down cake recipe for some time now but it never looks near as nice as this.

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Lisa I'll bet your recipe is great!! Thank you for the kind words....The comments don't appear automatically, unfortunately I have to check a little box to publish them because you get spammers and others trying to post stuff to the site. I'm so glad you're here! Thanks!!

Carla said...

This looks absolutely delicious! Yum!! I think most GF cake mixes i've found have other stuff in them I can't eat. :( I'll have to figure out a GF cake mix because i'd love to try this out! Yum!!!

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Carla it was very good and if you'll send me a message I have all of the ingredients for a do it yourself GF cake mix.


Butterpoweredbike said...

J- I love that you get so much mileage out of that dutch oven of yours! I made a visit to a resto supply store today, and was drooling over all of the lovely cast iron there. Thank you for linking up with Two for Tuesday. Is it time for school already? Time flies!

Linda said...

I don't think I have ever made a pineapple upside down cake. Yours looks delicious. Thanks for sharing it at Gluten-Free Wednesdays.

Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist said...

JL, this upside down cake looks simply beautiful! Thanks for stopping by Monday Mania to share your creativity!

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Linda, you should make it the first chance you get!! It is sooo good!

Sarah your too kind! Thanks so much!