Monday, August 23, 2010

Good News Monday!

I was driving down the street this morning after leaving my chiropractor's office, Dr. Tomas Martinez, who saved me this morning by the way.  If you live in, around, or are passing through Tulsa, OK you should go see him!!  I was having some neck and back pain and he had me feeling relief in just a short time.  When you go see him tell him Jason said "Hi!"

Back to my line of thought......I was driving this morning listening to a local radio station when I heard an advertisement for Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  They were talking about their world class hospitals, physicians, quality of care etc. and it was a fine commercial.  I was in that state of mind where you are driving, thinking about 4 other things and you are faintly aware of the radio in the background.  As the commercial was going on I heard the words "Naturopathic Medical Doctor" or NMD and I immediately started listening closely. 

                                                             Photo Credit CTCA
                  Naturopathic clinicians at CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center, discuss naturopathic therapies to complement your traditional cancer treatments
It turns out that CTCA has now incorporated Naturopathic medicine in their treatment program!  Well don't I feel special!!  Now I am not a Naturopathic Medical Doctor but I do sell natural products and work closely with one, Dr. Jack Wise.   You can read all about him and one of the cutting edge formula's he has created for Celiac disease, Intestinal Calm, by clicking the link on his name.  There are also some products for kidney stones and Lyme disease that I will cover in more detail later. 

What struck me is that for as many years as I can remember, people only believed in chemo, radiation, and surgery for cancer treatment.  The reason they did so was because of the relentless advertisement by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community.  While these policies have had some success, I have seen the successful treatment of untold individuals after their medical doctors told them their options were exhausted and to enjoy their last weeks / months of life.  These people refused to give up their love of life and rightly so.  They came to the Naturopath community and with the proper care and treatment, made a full recovery!

So the question I am asking myself is........"Have these centers like Cancer Treatment Centers of America finally come to realize the benefits of Naturopathic medicine and / or are they responding to the growing demand from the public?"  Perhaps both but either way I am glad to see it and look forward to the future of medicine.

Here is what I found on Cancer Treatment Center of America's website concerning Naturopathic doctors and their incorporation into the treatment program.....(click the link on their name)  I would encourage you to watch the video on the top of the page and pay particular attention to the Director of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Kristen Stiles Green, ND.  She is stating very well the case that I have known for years, essentially that the body is a many faceted organism with complex functions (my words) that has a great ability to heal itself with proper nutrients, minerals, diet, etc....  The human body is an amazing thing and we would do well to listen to it and treat it properly.  Reaching for a chemical every time you have a sniffle, sneeze, or cough is not necessarily the right or healthy thing to do.  Kudos to Cancer Treatment Centers of America for incorporating Naturopathic medicine into their programs in the fight against cancer!! 

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Hey Jay-man! I was wondering where you got to, but now I see that with school and a sore neck (yes I also LOVE my chiropractor!) you have had your hands full! Hope everything is going well with school. interesting they would start back on a friday! Hey this recipe looks great, but you didnt link it up! WE miss you! Gonna be some changes on the T4T to better define what we are really all about! More like you and I discussed so very exciting! :) Glad you are feeling better and I hope you stop by! Pesto, you lucky DOG, I dont have any basil! UGH!