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Wise Formula Wednesday

Wednesday is here....That wonderful day that everyone looks forward to because it means the week is halfway over. It seems awfully quick this time around but I'm sure the 3 day weekend had something to do with it.

As promised, today will be a day full of information on Dr. Wise's Gluten Senitivity Formula. There have been many questions about Dr. Wise, his Celiac formula, pros and cons, ingredients and more. Thank you very much for the questions and I hope we can answer many of them here today. If you have more that you would like to have answered, feel free to go to the comment section, or you may email me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Many people are curious about Dr. Wise, the man who developed the Celiac formula you have read about on this blog.

1. Who is Dr. Wise?

Jack Wise is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) and Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist. He was born in Oklahoma in 1939 and spent much of his youth here before serving his country in the Army & National Guard from 1957-1970.  He was stationed in Germany, Korea, and Vietnam until an honorable medical discharge, at which time he moved to Oregon and worked in the insurance and automotive industries.  He worked for 22 years as a general contractor in California before finally moving to Oklahoma in 1994.  He sold insurance for 2 years before becoming deathly ill to the bewilderment of many medical doctors. He spent thousands of dollars on test after test and was told to "go home and die" because they couldn't do anything for him.   He was later found to have Lyme disease.

A lady who was a Certified Herbalist with whom he had become acquainted near his hometown of Pryor, OK had encouraged Jack to become a certified herbalist and sell products as she did.  Jack initially refused until she came to see him one day when he was so ill. She immediately gave him several products and told him to take them without fail. He did so and began to feel better with each passing day. His doctors told him to continue whatever he was doing because of his drastic improvement.

He became very interested in natural medicine at this point and wanting to learn more about it, became a Certified Herbalist in 1997. He continued his education in Warsaw, IN, receiving his Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health in 1998. He continued his education with nearly 40 credit hours in Functional Diagnostics and Therapeutics in 1998 and received a degree as a NMD, Naturopathic Medical Doctor from Colorado University of Naturopathic Medicine in 2001.  Dr. Wise received from Capital University in Georgetown, Washington D.C. in 2002, the title of Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist, one of only 27 in the nation.

Dr. Wise continues his education with a minimum of 20 hours every year to retain board certification, is a member of Orthomolecular Health Medicine (2005 - present), and a yearly attendee of the Institute for Functional Medicine Conference (2003 - present). 

He works with Dr. J.E. Block MD FACP, who has a practice here in Tulsa, OK on a very close basis as friends and colleagues for the past 10 years. Dr. Block is hosting the double blind medical study on our patented Formula for Celiac disease and is a practicing Internal Medicine Physician, noted author, and former Chief of Staff for Coffeyville Hospital in Coffeyville, KS for approximately 10 years.

Dr. Wise, with his wife Linda, have a thriving practice and natural health store for the past 12 years beginning in Pryor, and then moving to Tulsa 7 years ago.  They are open 6 days a week from 9-5 Monday - Friday, 9-12 on Saturdays and see patients from almost every state in the USA and several countries. Their store is at The Farm shopping center at 51st & Sheridan in Tulsa, OK, (Herbs & More of Tulsa) Their newly designed website, The Wise Alternative, has a great deal of information as well as a shopping cart for product purchase.

Ok! With that mouthful said, the next big question I receive is:

2. "What are the ingredients in the Gluten Sensitivity Formula?"

As all Celiacs know, you don't put anything in your body without reading the ingredients. Glad you asked.......Our patented homeopathic formula is all natural and consists of:

Lycopodium clavatum 12X - A homeopathic remedy widely used as an excellent remedy for digestive issues including: dyspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food (ie cabbage, beans); excessive hunger; desire for sweets; weak digestion; bulimia, with bloating. Immediately after a light meal abdomen is full and bloated. Diarrhea, male impotence.

Pulsatilla 12X - Another homeopathic remedy also widely used digestive aid. Used for heartburn, painful distended stomach, loud rumbling; colic with chilliness in the evening; no two stools alike; hemorrhoids.

Aronia Berry - Aronia berries are considered one of the "super fruits" and contain what may be the worlds highest concentration of the antioxidant anthocyanin. High concentrations of anthocyanins are well documented in many fruits (most famously the dark grapes that color red wine) to offer almost supernatural benefits. They work by boosting & assisting your body's immune system, so naturally there are few ailments that they DON'T work to fight. For instance; cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver failure, DNA degradation, broken bones, burnt skin, and even viral infections have all been tested against high dosages of anthocyanin, all to impressive results.

L-Carnosine - - a double amino acid which can extend lifespan; protection from oxidation (free radical damage); a strong antioxidant, anti-aging nutrient and wound healer. Can be beneficial to children with epilepsy or autism by stimulating brain functions around the areas in which the brain controls emotion, expressive speech and abstract thinking.

Gelatin Capsule - self explanatory, holds everything together.

DNA - Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a nucleic acid containing the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. (I remembered my biology!)

RNA - very similar to DNA, single stranded, central to protein synthesis

Nucleotides are involved in storing genetic information and in a number of other biochemical reactions in the body. They are especially necessary for cellular division. During times of stress, including injury or illness, the need for nucleotides increases because the body needs to manufacture new cells to replace damaged ones. Nucleotides have been shown to improve gut health, enhance immune function and aid tissue healing.

Rice Flour - used as a binder or anti-clumping agent in the capsule

Vitamin D3 (from Cholecalciferol) - the only naturally occurring form of Vitamin D. The essential function of Vitamin D is to increase capacity for absorption of the intestine for calcium and phosphorus in order to:
(1) ensure an optimal mineralization of mineralized fabrics, in particular bone, cartilage and teeth; and:
 (2) to contribute to the maintenance of the plasmatic concentrations of calcium and phosphorus.

Folic Acid - it is a B vitamin that promotes healthy new cells. Needed by everyone, esp. pregnant women.  Facilitates cell maintenance and repair, synthesis of DNA, amino acid metabolism and formation of red and white blood cells.

These ingredients work together to heal the body and villi in the intestines which become truncated over time due to the bodies immune response to gluten.  Celiacs absorb approximately 10% of what they put into their body.  After taking Gluten Relief, that absorbtion rate increases dramatically.  Bloating, fatique, depression, and dermatitis herpetiformis have been relieved in patients who took the formula.

The third most popular question received is:

3. "Can my young child take Dr. Wise's Gluten Sensitivity Formula?"

Answer: Yes. Dosing instructions according to weight are on the bottle. Both of my young children have taken the formula long ago with no problems and great success. For children that have problems swallowing capsules, as mine did, you can take the capsule apart and mix with applesauce or juice.

4. "How many people have taken the formula?"

Answer: More than 4000 people from all over the world have taken the formula with amazing success.  There are a small number that continued to have issues with IBS when eating genetically modified wheat.  These people were found to be low on Omega 3 and Magnesium, and when their levels were restored, they reported no more issues. 

5. "Will I still have immune responses to gluten or can I eat anything I want after I take the formula?"

Answer: We recommend those sensitive to gluten make the best choice for health.  Study participants were encouraged to eat gluten while taking the formula to assess their lab values.  It is a 30 day bottle and of the 4000+ that have taken Gluten Sensitivity Formula, approximately 70% needed only one bottle, 20% needed two bottles and the remaining 10% a third bottle to find lasting relief.  It has successfully treated more than 4000 people from "silent" celiacs, to those who became violently ill at the slightest contamination.  Almost everyone has heard there are no options and they must live with the disease.  Many of those who first bought the formula were skeptical and felt the same those people know better and that number is growing every day.  The vast majority report that they have returned to a normal diet (by choice) more than 5 years ago with no adverse effects.  Some have chosen to remain gluten free and we certainly respect their decision.

People who don’t have enough magnesium or Omega 3 will have a problem with GMO (genetically modified) wheat. By bringing the Omega 3 and magnesium up to standard those problems abate; however, we have found that consumption of GMO wheat causes problems in the cardiovascular system. It can change heartbeat up to 12 beats per minute. Therefore, we recommend that anyone with cardiovascular issues avoid GMO wheat.

5. When are the results from the double blind study going to be published?"

Answer: The study results can be viewed here!  Patient's identities will never be revealed but you may see their beginning IGA numbers and final IGA numbers after taking the formula.

6. "How do I know if I am a Celiac?"

Answer: You may have strong reactions when you consume certain foods, you can look at our FAQ here.  You may also order a stool test from Enterolab for approx. $100.00 and follow the directions exactly.  Your doctor can contact the special laboratory here:
                                                                     Intestinal Health Institute
                                                                          PO Box 570744
                                                                         Dallas, TX., 75357.

6. "I'd like to know more about your Money Back Guarantee."

Answer:  I could type it all out for you but it would be easier for you to click on it:  Money Back Guarantee.

7. "How do I order the product?"

Answer: You may go to The Wise Alternative to place your order.  All orders are processed with the utmost in website security and confidence that your order will be handled securely and promptly.

8. "I see that you have a Better Business Bureau Symbol on the top of your page, what does that mean?"

Answer:  The Wise Alternative is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and have earned the right to display their logo on our website and blog.  Being affiliated with the BBB means having a set of guidelines, such as our Money Back Guarantee, policies and procedures, and sticking to them.  We have to meet the BBB Standards of Trust to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau and we are proud to do so.

Please email with any other questions or comment in the section below.  I hope I have answered your questions and look forward to the discussion.  Enjoy!!

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