Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sugar High Thursdays

I am on a serious sugar high this week.  You would think that is a good thing.  Tons of energy to get things accomplished, created, and / or completed.  Kind of like a Mountain Dew around 2:30 to get you through the last part of the workday.  The problem I've run across is that I've have crossed the fine line between just enough and too much sugar.  I have a lot of energy, but it is unfocused today and my rambling post is the result for you, the lucky readers....:)

One the other hand, my sugar fits come from a natural source and not the 5 lb bag many of us keep in the kitchen.  Simply put, I am on a fruit kick these past few weeks.  I don't know how long it will last but I understand that I've gotta have it....LOTS of it....right now......

I like a lot of vegetables but I don't eat as many as I should.  I will however eat just about any type of fruit that has the misfortune to cross my path.  Here are a few examples of the survivors lying about the kitchen.

Although the picture might be misleading, these are sweet cherries that I have bought in large quantity since they have come in season.  I'm already contemplating how to make them survive through the winter.

Kiwi....Need I say more???

Summer is melon season and while cantaloupe is not one of my all time favorites, it fills the bill quite nicely.

Miniature oranges....I think they call them "Clementines"?  There is a large bag on standby..

This is the last "Porter" peach of a 6 lb purchase that I made at a roadside fruit stand on Monday.  I plan to get more today.  Those Quaker Oat Squares move to a whole 'nother level with one of these sliced on top in the morning.

I thought I had some delicious watermelon to put on here as well but after some investigation, it appears to hvae fallen victim to a late night snacker.  There is currently an APB out on the suspect...:)

Lemons rarely last longer than a few days with the sizeable amount of fish eaten in my home as well as making "real" lemonade and if you take the time to squeeze it properly, an excellent source of essential oils. 

We eat any and all fruits in season and as you might have guessed from this post, a LOT of them.  They are extremely healthy and naturally gluten free.  We're actually running pretty low and need to stock up.  Plums, apples, grapes, melons, bananas, whole cherries, oranges, peaches, and more are all fair game.  I suppose I need to learn how to make those fruit salads with all of the fancy cutting and trimming.  What are your favorites?? 


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