Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black Elderberry Thursday

Many people have heard stories from their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents about "home" remedies that were routinely used to cure everything from headaches, cuts, scrapes and many others from your head to your toes.  I often chuckle to myself when people call these remedies  "alternative medicine" because of the title that has been assigned by the media and often the drug companies. 

While the name of my blog is "Alternative Health & Nutrition".... that is identifying with the popular title and not what I feel to be the true description.  The reason I say this is because throughout history, for tens of thousands of years, people have used the medicinal properties of the world around them to treat illnesses and injuries of daily life. 

What many people don't know is that the mega-companies that produce medications for blood-pressure, heart disease, stroke and every other malady you can think of spend astronomical amounts of money studying and researching the worlds rain-forests and oceans for Mother Nature's defense against these problems. 

After the natural cure has been identified, studied, synthesized, chemically reproduced, mass produced,  and marketed, the public flocks to their physician to get an un-natural chemical to cure what nature already fixed eons ago.  Not to mention the staggering list of side-effects on the small pamphlet the send with the meds. Could it be easier and safer to go with Mother Nature in the first place?  I think so!

One of these that we use often in my home is Black Elderberry.  It is outstanding for treating all types of flu whether you catch it at the onset or in the middle of the symptoms.  I have taken it in both instances with fantastic results.  I am one of those people that are rarely sick but when I am, it will be LEGENDARY.  My boys and I (and most of you readers) have all been in situations where we didn't quite feel right and then all of the sudden the raging fever, chills, and inability to keep anything down hit us like a freight train. 

We keep Black Elderberry in our home made by the same company (Energique) that packages high quality herbs and supplements for major retailers and it is an extremely high quality product.  It is sold in a pill or liquid form and when taken as directed, the flu and other viruses don't stand a chance.  I take it at the first opportunity whether at the onset or in the mdddle of a raging illness and within 12 - 24 hours I feel fine.  We sell Black Elderberry and many other products through our online sales company.

  Read this article on Black Elderberry from eHow......
What Is Black Elderberry Used For?
By Eulalia Palomo, eHow Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Black elderberry, also known as European elderberry, is high in antioxidants and flavonoids. It has a long history as a medicinal plant for treatment of common colds and influenza, and as an immune strengthener. Black elderberry was often used in Europe externally as a wound healer and internally for treating respiratory illness. Black elderberry has anti-inflammatory properties, can reverse the signs of aging and can lessen the symptoms of viral flu infections.


Black elderberries are rich in organic pigments, natural sugars and tannins. The high flavonoid properties of black elderberry are found in the pigments called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are flavonoids in the pigments of dark-skinned fruits that have strong antioxidant properties. Black elderberries are significantly higher in anthocyanins than are other fruits such as blueberries. Black elderberry is very high in vitamin C and contains vitamin A and B6 as well as iron and calcium. It also contains amino acids, viburnic acid, carotenoids and rutin.


Black elderberry is used primarily for its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are known for their ability to combat the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are byproducts of natural processes such as breathing and energy expenditure, and outside sources such as air pollution and ultraviolet radiation. The antioxidant-rich flavonoids in black elderberries help to reduce the damage caused by these free radicals.

Immune Strengthener

The antioxidant flavonoids in black elderberry strengthen the immune system and help the body resist viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Viral infections are one of the major immune system threats. Black elderberry can combat a viral infection by preventing the virus from entering healthy cells. The antiviral agent acts to strip the virus of the hemagglutinin coating it uses for entering healthy cells. In addition to its antiviral properties, black elderberry can help to strengthen the immune system and combat infection while reducing symptoms of the flu.


The antioxidants in black elderberries have antiaging properties. By reducing the damage done by free radicals, antioxidants help the body combat disease, diminish signs of aging and improve health and stamina. Black elderberry can improve respiratory problems by soothing nasal congestion and reducing inflammation in the mucus membranes or sinuses. Black elderberry can improve vision, lower cholesterol and improve heart health. It is often used to treat coughs, common colds, infections and tonsillitis.


Elderberry extracts have no known drug interactions or dangerous side effects, although conclusive studies have not been published. The extract might act as a mild diuretic and laxative when taken in quantity. Black elderberries should be taken as an herbal preparation or cooked. The unripe berries as well as the stems, seeds and roots can contain minor amounts of cyanide. Elderberry is often taken as a tea or prepared as a tinctured extract.


Do you take natural supplements for your health?  If so, which ones do you take and why?  Would you take a natural supplement to cure your health condition even if  "modern medicine" said there was no cure?  Let's talk about it.......

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