Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Weekend Fishing Trip & Consolation Dinner

Along with my busy weekend mentioned in yesterday's post, Tasty Tuesdays! GF Sourdough Biscuits.  I did manage to squeeze in some fishing at the river in my old hometown.  I was back home preparing for our yearly camping trip and helping my dad with a LOT of work on his ranch. 

After a long day Sunday, we managed to slip off to the river, catch quite a few live minnows for bait, and relax for a quiet couple of hours fishing.  The sun was making its way across the sky, more than halfway to the horizon. The water was a deep blue-green and gurgling along peacefully with deep pools and a few submerged logs.  We were ecstatic to be there and sure that we were going to quickly catch enough fish for dinner and have left overs for another day or more!

The only fish caught was by me and he was too small to really matter.  I caught him fairly soon after our arrival and I was sure he was the first of many.  He was barely large enough to take home but I was determined to have something to show for our efforts.  I ended up letting him go along with our minnows we had for bait, so he could grow a while before I came back to catch him again.

I stayed one more night and came home first thing Monday morning.  Monday night for dinner, I made myself some salmon to satisfy my fish craving and tide myself over for a few days.  I love fish and could eat it almost every day.  I didn't take pictures of my fishing trip because we were wading in deep water and I didn't want to get the camera wet.  I did however, take a few pictures of my dinner the next night.  It is not an elaborate recipe, but one of my families favorite meals.  The ingredients are as follows:

6 - 8 oz. Atlantic Salmon / per serving (wild caught)
White Rice (Boil in bag style)
Vegetable of choice (I chose green beans here)
Vegetable Oil

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Place a small amount of oil in a small casserole dish or cooking pan.

Place fish in your cooking dish of choice and bake for 18 minutes.

Prepare rice as directed boiling water and placing rice in pot according to instructions.

Prepare vegetables by warming on stove. We like ours with a bit of real, salted butter.

I love all types of fish but I do seem to eat a lot of salmon at home when I don't have fresh caught.  I have found CJ Worthy to be an excellent choice that my local grocer has in stock so we always have a supply in the freezer.

As I mentioned, it is a simple meal but very good and one we have often.  Using fish as the main course, you can have mixed vegetables, rice and more to complete the meal.  Best of all its Gluten Free!


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