Friday, March 11, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Cancer Stricken 10 Year Old Made Honorary Soldier

I'm a voracious reader. Magazines, books, articles, and especially news items consume a significant part of my life. I own a television but don't have satellite or cable and apart from watching a movie with my boys, rarely turn it on. I get fed up with the endless stories of tragedy, heartache, betrayal and "blood & guts" as I refer to it.
I have found that I am infinitely happier in my life when I don't listen to it. I stay very informed about the news of the day especially as it can affect my little corner of the world but apart from that I could care less.

I do however, love to hear real-life stories of triumph, perserverance and personal sacrifice for the greater good. Those stories that lift you up and make you proud to be in my case an American but in yours wherever you call home. The stories that renew your faith in your god, country and fellow man. The ones that bring a smile to your face later that day, week or month. Those are the ones that we don't hear enough about and this is my small effort to change that.......

Be careful reading this story from Yahoo News..It'll make your monitor go blurry..:-)
Wish comes true for cancer-stricken 10-year-old inducted into Army

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Christy said...

You are so right - my screen is blurry! what a great story - truly our soldiers are the greatest in the world!