Monday, January 17, 2011

Down Memory Lane

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Although I was awfully sleepy over the weekend for some reason....I have to say it was one of the best ones I can remember......

My oldest turned 9 this weekend....and WOW is he getting big.  I'm 6' tall and he comes closer to my chin than seems I got out the measuring tape and he's exactly 4' 6" tall on his birthday...Sigh!

I know..I know...A lot of you parents out there are saying.....Just wait until they are 18 or 20 and you have to look up to talk to them!!  One year at a time is more than enough for me dear readers.....I still feel like I brought him home from the hospital yesterday.....

Like all parents...I couldn't be more proud of my boys.  I'm told my oldest looks just like me....poor kid!!.....and is always up for anything with a smile.  My youngest who is 7, is quite a bit more discerning in his tastes and is NOT afraid to speak his mind.  He's also as ornery as the devil and gets into trouble at a rate of about 10 to 1 compared to his older brother.

Like all brothers...they have a love / hate relationship depending on the time of day or whether they got plenty of sleep the night before!  But one thing they come together for is cake....regardless of their moods.

My son wanted a white cake with chocolate icing and I was happy to oblige.  However, I was curious how it was going to happen because my oven is on the fritz....and when I say on the fritz...I mean it's 50 years old and doesn't work.

I have one of those combination microwave / convection ovens and it is outstanding....albeit a bit small....and there is no prayer of fitting a standard cake pan inside.  After a bit of research....some of those handy springform cake pans were purchased with the clasp on the side and my son decided a layer cake would be the best thing ever.  He wanted a 10" bottom and 8" top.....he was very specific!

This is my first layer cake I've ever made...shocking isn't it!!....and I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.  I ended up using only one standard cake mix but could have easily doubled the recipe.  It turned out great though and the boys helped with the decoration.  I would've gone a little more low-key with the decorations but it wasn't my cake and it turned out great so....what do I know?

Bowling, pizza, arcade games and cake & ice cream made for a great day and I was ecstatic and honored to be a part of it.... Their mother and I share custody and sometimes the big events like birthdays, etc.. don't work out on the schedules we would prefer.

It works well for us and I wouldn't trade love or money for spending even 5 minutes with my wild men....

He got a new bike for his birthday and was so excited he could barely stand it....a Mongoose with those aluminum foot pegs front and back for doing tricks, etc...  He had outgrown his old one by a fair margin and was more than ready for an upgrade.  I gave it to him after supper and of course it was already dark so we had to wait until the next morning to take that first official ride.  I walked, as I always do, and the boys rode their bikes in the cool weekend temperatures as we made about a 2 mile circle through the neighborhood.  He was so proud he had a perpetual grin on his face the whole time we were gone and I just sat back and soaked it all in.

I remember when I was his first bike of memory (new bike instead of a hand me down) was a BMX was dark blue with pads on the cross bar (between the handle bars) and top tube that connected the front and rear wheels.  It had blue tires with an aggressive tread that I was sure made me the coolest kid around.

I rode that bike countless miles to the neighbors and friends houses.  I remember the rear tire got so slick from the endless miles that it had to be replaced and I was soooo disappointed when the tire didn't match the front one exactly.

I don't remember what ever happened to that bike although I'm sure if there was anything worth saving it was passed along to a younger relative.  Celebrating a birthday with my son this weekend and seeing the look on his face was priceless and made me think of that first new bike loooong ago.....

What are some of your first bike memories??

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