Monday, January 10, 2011

Down Memory Lane - The First Snow of Winter

We had our first snow of winter here in Oklahoma last night.  My boys were filled with excitement at the prospect of endless snowball fights, making a ginormous (their word, not mine) snowman, and most of all....wanting school to be canceled under a blizzard of epic proportions.

Pardon the photog skills but there was no snow to see until after dark tonight...

Let's just say they were completely underwhelmed....  So it was off to school bright and early this morning much to their disappointment!  Although the town where my sister lives got even less than this and all of the local schools canceled.

What is up with that anyway??  When I was a kid ( I go...) they didn't cancel school for anything short of a complete whiteout...and mind you I've lived in the great state of OK my whole life.  Where 6 - 12" of snow will paralyze emergency services and have the town elders wringing their hands in dismay. 

I remember many times jumping in the truck with a neighbor who had a 4WD truck and catching a ride to school because nobody with a regular vehicle could get out of their driveway.  The buses would run late or a reduced route and those of us that lived on the outskirts were expected to find our own way in bad weather.

Now it seems that a flurry or a good rainstorm has school canceled before you know it.  My goodness how times have changed....

On the bright side, I plan to make a good snowman with the kids in the morning if we have enough of the white stuff....although from the looks of it....he may be pretty skinny...

What is your favorite thing to do when it comes to playing in the snow?

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