Friday, May 21, 2010

Following The Gluten Free Diet

As Celiacs know, its a daily struggle to find delicious, not to mention nutritious food that you can eat.  A vast majority of people in the world eat three meals a day with no other thought than what sounds good this morning or how much they'd love to try out the new restaurant on Main street.  As Celiacs / Gluten Intolerants experience on a daily basis, you don't eat just to satisfy your craving of the moment, you are literally eating for your life! 

How many of you suffered for years before finally coming to terms with what you can / cannot eat?  Did you diagnose yourself or was your physician able to find the problem for you?  I personally LOVE food of every kind and flavor and struggled for years to find what foods agreed with me.  Many of you know these foods and many more may not.  This list was compiled from our friends at The Wise Alternative.  They have many good articles to read on Celiac Disease as well as Diabetes and more.

Take a look at these foods that you cannot eat with Celiac Disease / Gluten Intolerance.  Next week, we'll post a list of foods that you CAN eat.  You can also find recipes for GF Chocolate Eclairs, Potato Pancakes, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo and Belgian Waffles by clicking on the links.

Happy Eating!!

Foods You Cannot Eat

Any Grains
Black Beans
Red Beans
Pinto Beans
Green Peas or Legumes
Peanuts/ Peanut Butters
Pasteurized Milk
Green Lentils
Maltodextrin (in every processed food)
Lima Beans
White Sea Salt (Bleached)
Salt (Bleached)
Soy (sauce, milk)
Artificial sweeteners (except Sweet N' Low)

Many of you may see things on here that you'll say "Hey! I eat those things!"  These are foods that we have researched and found to make a large difference in peoples lives when they omit them from their diet.  Its not intended to be a comprehensive list, only short and informative.  Many vendors have come forth with wonderful gluten free alternatives such as flour for our baking needs, cereals, binders, etc. and bless them for that!  They are filling a true need for people everywhere and it is growing more every day.  Feel free to add some more foods in the comment section.  We look forward to it!


sol said...

Just came across a fabulous site They have a
mouthwatering assortment of glutenfree products including wholesome bread,pasta&muffins.
I was amazed that they have traditional gluten free products challahs,farfel,matzoh etc.
Im sure youll enjoy
Good Luck!!!!

J L Health said...

Gluten Free Palace does have some great stuff....Thanks for the info!