Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fish & Chicken Salad Thursdays?? Oh Yesss!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.....I completely disagree.  I think hunger is the mother of invention.  How did the caveman first learn to sharpen that stick??  Because he was hungry that's why!!  He was also tired of the wooly mammoth or badger, etc. putting a thrashing on him when he went out to hunt.  He thought to himself "If only I didn't have to get so close to my dinner to whack it on the head...I think I'll sharpen that nice straight stick over there and poke 'em with it!!"

All theories aside, when it came time for my lunch today, there was a woefully inadequate selection to choose from that would give me a fast, easy meal so I can get back to work.  I had plenty of eggs but didn't feel like having a breakfast theme.  Lots of frozen food to choose from and no time or inclination to fix it at this point in the day, and a smattering of leftovers from previous meals.

As I was digging around in the fridge, some different things caught my eye.....There was some grilled chicken, baked salmon, and other odds and ends.  The only problem was there was not enough of any one thing to make a meal.

So as the title of today's post suggests....I improvised.....


2 - 3 oz of grilled chicken

2 - 3 oz of baked salmon

Romain lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Dressing of choice

As you can see here...or maybe you can't, the salmon is crumbled up on top so to speak with the grilled chicken below.  Now my favorite dressing happens to be a low cal Honey Mustard as I'm sure you all have your favorites.  Was it different?  Yes it was.....Was it delicious??  Absolutely!!

This isn't the first time and certainly not the last time I will mix and match my foods in order to make a meal.  It all gets mixed up in your belly anyway....


a moderate life said...

Hey Jay-man, I actually love meals like this because they make you a bit more creative, and then you are proud of yourself for not getting take out! :) Alex

J L Health 918-836-0565 said...

Sometimes you end up with a creation that you like better than the original! Thanks Alex!!